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Hotade journalister


JOURNALISTS AND ACTIVISTS THREATENED Local journalists and civil society activists have received anonymous death threats and intimidating phone calls and messages since 10 October. This began after their engagement in monitoring polling stations and publishing live municipal election results in Nacala-Porto and Nampula cities, Nampula province, in northern Mozambique.
Antônio Lourenço Mutoua a human rights defender and Executive Director of the organization Solidariedade Moçambique; Júlio Paulino, the Image and Communications Officer of Solidariedade Moçambique; Arlindo César Severiano Chissale, an independent journalist; Aunício da Silva, a newspaper editor; two journalists who prefer to stay anonymous due to security risks; priests Father Benvindo Tapua and Father Cantífulas de Castro, Director and Deputy Director of Radio Encontro respectively, have been receiving anonymous death threats, intimidating phone calls and other messages for their work around the municipal elections. The threats began after the municipal elections in Nampula Province on 10 October and the publication of election results on 12 October.
The intimidating phone calls and messages have contained warnings to “be careful” because “their days were numbered” and contained threats that they “would disappear without a trace”. The messages are blaming them for contributing to the defeat of the ruling party, Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO), by organising individuals to monitor polling stations and publish live election results direct from polling stations.
The journalists and civil society activists had been involved in covering and monitoring the municipal elections.

Stop threaths and intimidation Skriv ut

Your Excellency I urge you to take immediate measures to end the continuing death threats and intimidation against journalists and civil society activists and ensure their safety and protection and that of their families, in consultation with them.

I urge you to undertake an impartial investigation about the threats and intimidation against them and their families, and bring those suspected to be responsible to justice in trials which meet international standards of fairness.

Finally I call you to ensure a safe and enabling environment in which journalists, other media workers activists and human rights defenders are able to carry out their work without fear of reprisals.

Yours faithfully,


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