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Gruppen startade upp inför Stockholm Pride 2011. Vårt fokus är HBTQ-rättigheter.

Just nu är vi 5-10 medlemmar som är mer eller mindre aktiva. Hittills har vi tagit oss an ett aktionsfall, samlat in namn och skrivit brev. Även andra aktiviteter planeras. Vi kommer givetvis också finnas på nästa Pride.

Vi träffas regelbundet, och håller kontakt mellan träffarna på vår mailinglista.


This group started to work on LGBTQI rights since pride festival in 2011. Since then we have been active by working on cases, collecting signatures, organizing events and writing letters.

We have currently between 5 to 10 members that are more or less active. As some of our members are English speakers and also that we work internationally, we welcome English speaking persons to join.

For the past year we have been actively participating in various LGBTQ related events in Stockholm, we were at Pride last summer where we organised 3 seminars and walked in the parade. As well as organising events and activities we work on a number of cases that are currently active within Amnesty in relation to LGBTQ rights.

We meet regularly and are constantly thinking and planning for our community.


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HBTQI Rights is Human Rights

Amnesty International follows United Nations conventions when it comes to human rights. According to the United Nations legislation, LGBTQI rights is human rights. And we fight for it. Everyone is born free and equal and should be free to choose whatever that is concerned with their body, sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Kontakta oss

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4 februari 2016 01:28

Amnesty International Sweden - Stockholm District held an eventful Inspiration day on Sunday Jan 31st, 2016 in Stockholm.

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